5 Best Practices for Email Design: Create Impressive Emails


It has been observed that most of the users spend around 50 seconds on an average, reading each message. So, there is a need to maximize the ability of your emails to engage your audience. Here, we have listed some of the best practices for email design to help you create effective emails. It is wiser to design emails for both the desktop as well as mobile users in order to reach maximum potential customers.

There are few things that must be considered to prevent your emails from being deleted. If your deliver ability is poor, then make less use of images, do not use trigger words in the subject lines and include white-list requests in all your messages. If you find that you emails have low open-rates, you need to focus on the sender’s address and make it more recognizable, use compelling subject lines to grab the attention of your subscribers and provide relevant content.

Top Strategies For Effective Yet Exclusive Email Designs

โ€ข Setup an Appropriate Theme:
For those, who use snippet-based email templates, it is important to create a suitable theme for every issue. This increases the possibility of getting your emails read by the users. The overall design of a theme must be based on the featured article’s content.

โ€ข Optimize Your Address:
The address line of an email must clearly identify sender’s name and should be easy to recognize for the recipients. It has been observed that people often ignore emails with company name as people consider such emails to be promoting or selling something. So, it is good to use your original name in the from line.

โ€ข Use Enticing Subject Line:
Always use subject line to attract recipients to open your email. Therefore, write an engaging subject that gives an idea about the message. To avoid spamming, use effective subject line that does not contain promotional words. Also, make sure to keep it as short as possible.

โ€ข Make Use of Tables:
If you have a lot of things to cover, then it is wiser to use the tables. Most of the developers include table of contents in the preview pane. You can add the links to the tables, so that the readers can directly jump to your website with detailed information about the topic of their interests.

โ€ข Write Impressive Content:
Keep your message to the point with short paragraphs. Make good use of bullet points that cover all the important information. Make appropriate use of images to support the email content as well as business goals.

The email design best practices do not completely rely on the email design, but go far beyond it. They cover all the important aspects related to your emails, including design, content, marketing and much more.

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