4 Solid Reasons Why Email Marketing Is King!


Email marketing is a great way to do marketing for your products or services, and if done correctly it can provide you with a forever flowing stream of good income. Despite all the great advantages of it being so powerful, some marketers are still not utilizing it, I assume that this is due to a lack of why email marketing is so important. They choose to go with other forms of marketing and neglect the one that is the most effective and pretty much the least expensive too.

If you have been around in online marketing for any length of time, then you might have come across the phrase “The Money Is In The List”. This phrase could not be any true and here are my top reasons of why email marketing is important.

1. It’s Highly Inexpensive and Cost Effective.

If you are doing any form of marketing whether it is offline, online and even email marketing itself, you will at some point have to have a look at your budget and possible consider ways to stay within that budget. The very minimal costs involved here are one of the most significant reasons why email marketing is better compared to other forms of marketing. Other then the initial cost of getting people to sign up to your email marketing list, monthly costs are just limited to an average fee of $20 which you usually pay for your auto responder service (the system you use to manage your list). There are even free auto responders out there which do a decent job, even though the premium services are best in the long term.

2. Targeted and Effective.

If a person goes through the whole process of subscribing to your list, which often involves them having to confirm their subscription, then that person is interested in what you have to offer. This means that you have a hot and highly targeted prospect who is only an email away from your reach. Such a person is much more likely to do business with you then any random person who just happens to come across your advertisement somewhere. The beautiful thing is they are not going anywhere, you have all the time to batter them up and get them to know and trust you better. A great reason why email marking is worth your time don’t you think?

3. Easily Measured and Insightful.

Auto responders provide you with a great deal of statistics that are very useful for gaining insight and measuring your campaigns too. You can send different things and promotions to your emailing list, and you can instantly track and analyze to see what your subscribers respond to more. This can even give you an idea of the type of people in general that are likely to do business with you even elsewhere, and you can stop marketing to the wrong people or audience.

4. Trust & Brand Building.

Once someone is signed up to your email list, you have an opportunity to build a good relationship with them as a prospect. You can establish yourself as an expert of your industry in their minds, by giving useful information and knowledge to your subscribers, in that process you will get them to trust you. Once you have their trust, they will buy anything you recommend because they know you know your stuff. This alone should put to rest any doubts you have about why email marketing is so important.

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