4 Reasons Why Your Email Needs to Come From Your Boss


It’s a really strange idea to have your marketing emails come from your boss, right?

Well, it’s actually a fantastic way to spruce up your email marketing campaign while adding authority and instant value. Ideally, rope in your President, CEO, COO, Board Chair or another hoity-toity executive, but if that doesn’t work, try for a recognizable name and title from someone in upper-management.

Find someone with a recognizable name or title. The average email subscriber may not know exactly what a “Chief Officer of Talent Procurement” is, but they will recognize a Chairman of the Board.

Rest assured, if your boss approves of being the sole sender of your email marketing campaign, then they’ll approve every inch of it.

If your email is coming from your boss, you’re:

1. Adding weight, gravity and authority for the promotion

If your marketing email is signed by your boss (well, its more of a digital signature), your promotion or call-to-action immediately gains respect from your customers. Not only is the company’s reputation on the line, so is your boss’.

2. Showing company-wide buy-in for the call-to-action

Since your boss’ name is all over the email, then it’s probably a pretty realistic guess that in order for that to happen, the idea had to travel through several different hands. Though it may become tedious (you can definitely streamline the process, if you need to), asking for permission from the boss means that you’re asking permission from every single person that reports to him or her.

Where does that leave you? Instant company-wide buy-in.

Also, in many businesses, different departments may not even have a clue what the others are working on. This strategy almost guarantees that the entire company is aware of what the latest promotion is.

3. Humanizing your company, products and boss

Your boss isn’t just a talking head hiding behind a wall of lawyers, Yes-Men, assistants and spinsters. Your boss is an actual flesh-and-blood person.

For most companies, the boss is the figurehead and public face. By putting a name and face to your boss, you’re doing the same thing to your company, and by default, your products.

4. Demonstrating how incredibly valuable your call-to-action actually is

Take, for example, an email promotion for 60% off an item. To the average email subscriber, this seems like an incredible deal. But, if the promotion is from the boss, the subscriber knows that your boss is taking the hit for the great deal, immediately adding even more value on top of the discount.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to have your email newsletters and promotions sent from the boss?

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