4 Deadly Sins: Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail!


There is always a lot of talk amongst marketing circles especially online, about which one form of marketing is better or more effective then the other. Email Marketing is often and always in the mix and because some people have failed at it, they will bash it. Truth is email marketing is amazingly rewarding when done correctly. To those who have failed at it, here are 4 deadly sins of why email marketing campaigns fail.

1. The Opt-In Process

I recently came across someone who recommends having the prospect type his or her email twice on the opt-in form so you can avoid errors. This might be noble but it will greatly reduce the opt-in rate on your forms. People are lazy and long forms are a turn of, the less information they enter the better. In fact just having the email field only has been said to increase the opt-in rate significantly. I personally prefer having the name field as well so I came address them by name on my emails. This is the start so if you get it wrong here, then you will surely be asking yourself why email marketing campaigns fail later on.

2. Not Giving Your Subscribers Useful Information.

The simple rule you always have to keep in mind when doing email marketing is “Give and they will give back”. If you do not offer any really and I mean really valuable information or advice to your subscribers, then you might just as well stop right there and there. The e-Course or newsletter that you promised them at sign up or opt-in should not just be an enticement, but it should give value to your subscribers so they know that they have not just wasted their time, and that they actually stand to benefit from being on your email marketing list. This should be a continuous periodical thing too not just once off, set yourself up as an expert that they can trust.

3. Frequency and Consistency.

Without flooding your subscribers everyday of the week, you should mail them frequently and consistently. If you decide that you are going to be mailing your list once a week, then stick to that and do so consistently. This will help you in two ways, mailing your list with caution but frequently will keep you and your brand in the minds of your subscribers. If you offer them something that if of interest and value to them, you will be cementing your relationship with them and they will actually even start looking forward to your emails. I have been in situations where I get just way too many emails before(of course I went and cancelled my subscription), or the other hand I got emails from people I had even forgotten that I had subscribed to, I couldn’t even remember who in the world they were. As you can see, you need to find a balance. This is one of the biggest reasons why email marketing campaigns fail.

4 The Content.

There are good number of things that are covered under “content” when it comes to email marketing. These include anything related to the email you send out itself, like a relevant and enticing but not spam like subject, a properly constructed email body, correct grammar usage, the links and if you are using HTML emails, the pictures should be relevant and complimentary to the text of your email. Getting any of the above could decrease your response rate and something like a bad subject for instance will take your straight to the spam folder meaning your emails are never read.

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