3 Types Of Emails You Should Send To Further Improve And Boost Your Sales Performance


Getting first time sales from your customers is only half of the battle; the other half is to retain their loyalty and getting recurring sales. By sending these emails, not only you will have potential repeat sales from your existing subscribers, but they will become fiercely loyal to you and always be looking forward for your future offers.

How nice it is when you can make them waiting in anticipation for your next email like how the crowds line up in front of any Apple store for few days prior to getting their hands on the next iPhone.

Sending these emails are two-pronged strategies. It encourages you to foster a warmer relationship by understanding your customers’ wants and needs. By knowing them, you should be able to improve every aspect of your internet business to reach new heights. They are:

a) Emails Requesting Comments and Feedbacks

So you have a fantastic product and most of your subscribers agreed this by purchasing it. Would it be better if you are able to know what do they personally think of this and how can it be improved further?

Construct an email by asking your list to provide their reviews of your products and what could have been done to make the product even better in qualitative and quantitative aspects. It will serve as a foundation to create your next enhanced product.

A fine example is the release of iPhones. Every new version comes with incremental upgrades to satisfy market demands. Apple would not know what kind of upgrades they should include if they did not ask and listen from their customers.

b) Survey Emails

It is an effective way to gauge what kind of products and services your subscribers are looking forward from you. Survey form is a great statistical tool to show consumer behavior patterns. A cool and free method to send a survey email is by using Google Drive to create survey forms.

You may also encourage your subscribers to send genuine and meaningful survey to you by offering free gifts (such as free e-books) for each completed survey.

c) Contest Emails

Once in a while, you can throw in a contest to your subscribers. Contests are great platforms to market your products and services in various ways. The best part is, contests can even be used to pull in more subscribers!

Contest emails also can be used to market your new products and services. For example, instead of launching your product in a new sales page, why not take the advantage of promoting your product in a contest? Not everyone who participated will win your product. But have no fear, because these losers now have become potential buyers of your new product!

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