3 Tips To Increase Your Email Opt In Rate


One of the more agonizing things about working online is the typically ‘anemic’ email opt in rate most internet marketers experience! Considering all the effort it takes to drive traffic to your designated squeeze page, it’s understandable the frustration many must feel! The point of this discussion is how to make better use of the same efforts and principles so you can build your list faster!

Here are 3 tips I would like to think are both sound and logical that should help you increase the opt in rate on your squeeze page!

Avoid Red Fonts

This can send a subliminal message to people due to our own conditioning to affiliate red with caution, danger or even STOP! Yes you do want to draw attention to certain words or phrases on your squeeze page but use oversized or italicized lettering or perhaps the color blue to do so!

Be Concise

Internet marketers are taught, and rightfully so, to be as concise as possible when composing any type of content for the web! This is most especially the case when building your squeeze page since you have only one objective, to collect contact information! The last thing you want to do is confuse or distract people but being concise does NOT mean leaving out important details! You absolutely want to get your complete message across therefore choose your words wisely but don’t skimp on the details!

Offer Assurance

Consider what it is that makes people hesitant to leave their contact information on any page where you are trying to build your list! Remember you’ve probably made them a very attractive and generous offer with a free gift of some sort and that alone should entice the majority of visitors to sign up! But since they don’t there must be something holding them back! Perhaps they are concerned with what you may do with their contact information or maybe even wonder whether they can easily unsubscribe! Address both these points and make it clear you will NOT share their information and you WILL make it easy for them to unsubscribe!

Increasing your email opt in rate will not only help you build your list faster but also save you effort on traffic generation and decrease frustration as well! For most internet marketers frustration is merely a thin line between discouragement and simply quitting so the less the better! The 3 simple tips offered above focus on sound and logical reasoning for improving the rate of which people leave their contact information at your squeeze page! It is important for internet marketers to remember the level of their success depends on their willingness to test and tweak and this is an EXCELLENT place to start! Build your list and you will build your income as well!

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