3 Tips To Choosing The Right SEO Company


Having your website online is not the final step to increasing your Web visibility; you have to think about SEO. Without a proper search engine optimization strategy in place, your website will not get the traffic you are looking for, and what’s the use of having a website without traffic?

Choosing a good SEO company is vital for your online success. The following tips will help you identify the right company to work with.

1. SEO is all about results, not qualifications!

You’ve probably come across search engine optimization specialists with Internet Marketing degrees. Do not be quick to fall to their smooth talk. Internet search technologies are constantly changing and no person with an Internet Marketing degree and claim to be at the top of his game if he does not have the results to prove his case. Ask the individual or company for recent cases studies on how they have helped their clients’ sites to rank.

2. Need to rank fast? Prepare to get banned!

If you are looking to rank high within a short time, you might as well prepare to have your site banned from search engine results. The 3 main search engines; Google, Yahoo! and Bing, take between 1 and 9 months to rank websites at the top depending on the competition in the niche you are in. Be cautious when dealing with SEO companies that promise fast results. They may be using “blackhat” techniques that may get your website banned.

3. What SEO method is best for you?

To get on the top of search results for your target keywords, you should consider implementing different SEO strategies such as link building, image optimization, using meta tags and alt tags, incorporating titles and headers in your website, using keywords in your web content among others. A good SEO company should be able to identify the strategies that will work for you and come up with a timeline of implementation. Some activities can be accomplished within a few days while others may require a few months. The company should advise you on which services you should take.

To get the best SEO company, you should research well. Before you choose a company, check out its case studies or testimonials from different customers. In search engine optimization, it’s all about proof. If the company cannot prove they are good at SEO, do not waste your time working with them.

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