3 Tips That Really Increase Your Opt-In Rate To Make More Sales


If you want to create a source of reliable monthly income that will allow you to grow your online income and reach your long term income goals, then you need to learn how to increase your opt-in rate so that you can make more sales.

When you have a large and growing email list you have an asset that you can leverage to make you more money on a regular basis. Having a warm, responsive email list is also an asset that you can sell with your website in the future, if you ever decide to sell.

It has been well documented that in order for a new prospect, or visitor to feel well informed enough to make a buying decision, they will need to see your marketing message anywhere from 5 to 7 times. This means that rarely will someone make a purchase from your website on their first visit.

However, by increasing your opt-in rate you will be able to make follow up emails to them to give them more information so that they are more interested in returning to your website. In addition if you are providing them with relevant and useful content, then they are also much more likely to continue making future purchases from you as well.

This is how you keep your income growing by keeping your opt-in rate high and your email subscribers happy with the content that they are receiving from you.

Increasing your opt-in rate is not difficult to do but it will take some testing and effort on your part.

When you focus on the long term benefits that you will gain, mainly more consistent income, then it becomes easier to make it a priority that gets your attention.

Here are some simple steps that you can take:

1.) Upgrade your opt-in offer. If you are currently offering a PDF or a report, look at having a video training course created or creating a short tutorial video training course yourself. Video is very popular and has a high perceived value, so it is very likely to increase your opt-in rate almost immediately.

2.) Have a special time saving program created specifically for your niche. By visiting a few forums in your niche you can get a good understanding of some of the most common problems for that niche. This can allow you to get an idea of what type of programs or products would be of value to them. If you come up with something reasonable to do then have it done and offer it as a gift in exchange for your visitors email info.

3.) Create and give away a very good product or program that you would normally be able to sell. Even though you may be losing an upfront investment, when you look at the lifetime value of an average customer who may purchase from you many different times over during the course of a year, you will see that the small upfront investment is well worth it.

These are just a few simple ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing. I am sure that with a little creative effort on your part that you will be able to think of even more good ideas to increase your opt-in rate… and make more sales.

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