3 Tips on How You Can Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Traffic Effectively Right Away!


Here are more tips that I have in store if you want to know how to increase website traffic effectively.

Yes, these are email marketing tips, but if you know a thing or two about how to drive traffic, you’ll immediately recognize that email marketing is one of the established ways to go about increasing the traffic to your website.

1. Email Marketing – Using your own list
If you have a list of opt-ins, then by all means, use them. But be forewarned that what you want is QUALITY traffic, not just any form of traffic.

Meaning, if you have a list of people from a different and completely unrelated niche (even related niches is quite a risk to take) and send them to a site that have nothing to do with their interests, this could very easily jeopardize you.

You may receive traffic spikes, but they are not sustainable, and they’ll probably never visit your website anymore.

Scamming or spamming people NEVER pay.

Not today, not yesterday, not in the long run ever.

Remember, you only want targeted email marketing.

So what if you’ve received 10,000 visitors today but only 5 would stay? How much money are you spending for that kind of e-mail blast?

Always be on the look-out for the conversion rates. And the reason why your conversion rate is low may not be because of the terrible design of the page (it may be) but it may also be because you have misdirected a lot of people into your site.

In this way, you might also end up losing the trust of the people from your list and they may not even continue to visit any links or sites you recommend them.

2. Email Marketing – Using Solo Ads

Now, here is the FASTEST way to increase your traffic and sales if you put your money into it.

It works, but you also must take care in your own due diligence.

I might share more tips on where and how to get high quality solo ads, find reputable people without any mistakes and how to approach them in more details.

All I will say for now is for those people who have been disappointed in the past, it may be because you were doing it wrong.

It could be that you have been scammed by getting a lot of unique links by foul means (like the same person using different identities and ISPs) or that you were directed to a kind of list that isn’t in your particular niche.

All I can say for now is don’t give up, and I will definitely help you in your endeavor further in my next article.

If you do this method right, the only downside to this is you have to pay money for it.

3. JV and JV giveaways

This last tip is also definitely one of the quickest ways for you to build up your list.

In a JV giveaway, you latch on your credibility to other people who are possibly a lot more established than you, and they get a lot of free products, so if your audience aren’t interested in your product, they might still opt-in because of the other products they’re hooked to.

The only downside to this is that you NEED to have a high quality product to give away. I can’t stress this enough.

Here are some websites that you can use to find JV giveaway: http://www.newjvgiveaways.com and http://www.jvgiveawayblog.com.

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