3 Tips On How To Discover What Your Subscribers Want To Buy


If you have subscribers and they are not buying anything from you then perhaps you are not offering the rights things. Here are 3 tips to find out exactly what your subscribers want and need.

By offering what your subscribers want you are far more likely to make sales whether you offer affiliate products or your own.

I recommend providing your own product thought because your subscribers will have a relationship with you and are more willing to purchase something from someone they have already built up trust with.

Ask Ask Ask

How many times have you heard people say that you should ask your subscribers what they want? Probably quite a few times! However, people are shy about asking or they ask in the wrong way.

There is nothing wrong with asking because you will convey to your subscribers that you actually do care about them and want to help them.

Just asking them what they want is not going to be affective though. You need to ask them what they are finding difficult or the things that they are having problems with.

Alternatively you can ask in the opposite way such as what their ideal goal is or the thing that would make the biggest difference to them. This will give you a big clue as to what they are struggling with.

Specific Q&A Emails

A good way to discover the things that your subscribers need help with is to send question and answer emails. See which ones get opened the most. For this to work effectively you need to make sure that your email subject headings are worded with the exact topic you are providing an answer to.

To find out if the need is great enough you will want to include a link within the email so that you can see if your subscribers click on the link.

Perhaps you could write the complete Q&A as a blog post and send them to your blog for the full answer and just have a taster in your email.

Continually Observe Over Time

Use your email campaign statistics to understand the topics your subscribers are interested in. If you write emails about a variety of topics see which ones get opened the most.

You also need to see which links get clicked on the most too. Ideally you should focus on the link clicks more than the open rates because clicking on a link demonstrates that your subscribers are taking action and therefore the degree of need is greater.

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