3 Reasons to Update the Content of Your Website for Search Purposes


1. It’s Been A While Since You Said Something New

What’s the key word in search engine promotion? Promotion. You’ve got to have something to promote. When was the last time you updated your content? Odds are, it’s been a while since you added anything new.

It takes time and effort. It’s not always fun, especially if you’ve got a ton on your plate already. But this is an advantage for you, because relatively few people are going to push through.

There’s always something new going on. Maybe a new development in the industry. Maybe a new regulation being passed either nationally or locally. If your content is not regularly updated and refreshed, why should people visit regularly?

The goal is repeat customers. Not necessarily paying customers, although that’s the eventual goal. What you want is to build an audience, and audiences crave fresh content.

You wouldn’t keep going to see Ron White if he always told the same jokes at every show, would you? He’s got to have new material, and so do you.

2. It Will Strengthen Your Positioning as an Expert

When you constantly update your site with new relevant content, it strengthens your reputation. Having a strong reputation for knowing your stuff will encourage people to search for you and your topic, thus improving the effectiveness of your search engine promotion activities.

Plus, it doesn’t necessarily have to be news. Maybe it’s just your thoughtful perspective on a common issue, or some topic that is big in your industry at present.

It is always advisable to make yourself stand out. Why should people bother with you if you’ve got nothing new to say?

Think about the recent economic debacles. Who comes to mind? If you’re like me, you think of Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Doug Casey, and others like them.

3. Search Engine Promotion Works Best for Sites That Are Constantly Updated with New Content

That’s why blogs are so ideal for promoting your business through the search engines. They are designed to be easily updated. With old-fashioned html websites, it was quite an ordeal to change or add new pages. With a content management system like WordPress it’s a matter of a few clicks of the mouse.

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