3 Promotional Tips That Will Surely Raise Your Website Traffic


The heavy competition in the market today has made sure that website traffic will not accelerate naturally. Mere website design and content no longer guarantee enough visitors. If you want them to come, you have to draw them into your site and you can only do this through promotion. Here are 5 of the best ways that you can promote your site:

1. YouTube Video

After Google and Facebook, YouTube is the most visited site in the World Wide Web. You can’t just let pass the chance of using it to promote your own site. You can upload a video promoting your products and services or put up a tutorial video that is related to your business and then just add your website URL in it. The video does not have to be studio-produced. In fact, you can even film it yourself using a standard point and shoot digital camera or even your mobile phone. You can also make screencasts using Cam Studio or Jing.

2. Use Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter

Whatever your opinion about social networking sites, you just have to admit it that these sites can effectively give you a good starting ground to promote your website. You can use Facebook to promote your website and its content. You can even make a fan page of your company and ask friends to “like” it to gain more attention from other users. Many users feel a more personal connection to companies that make use of Facebook to reach their clients. Make sure to use this to your own advantage and you will surely get an increase in your website’s traffic.

On the other hand, micro-blogging can also greatly increase your site traffic; Twitter, for example, can be used to summon the attention of regular micro-bloggers and entice them to visit your site. If you are lucky or it your website is built to give the right first impression, then these users might ever re-Tweet your posts. The good thing about Twitter is that majority of its users are loyal followers; thus, your promotional Tweets will definitely reach your prospective readers.

3. Keep an updated LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most successful business-to-business site in the internet today that it is almost unimaginable for you to not make use of it to promote your site. You can use it to keep in touch with your “circle of contacts” (that’s what your connections in LinkedIn is called). LinkedIn also ranks well in Google search; so it is quite strategic if your have a LinkedIn account so that when your company’s name is looked up using Google search, it will rank high in the search results.

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