3 Powerful Types Of Subject Lines To Put Your Email Marketing On Steroids


Here are three different “types” of subject lines you can use in your emails. Alternate between these different types, and your email marketing should be a lot more profitable.

1) The “Curiosity” Subject Line

What’s the one emotion that, as human beings, we absolutely can’t stop dwelling on until we discover the answer?


And this is a very powerful type of subject line you can use to get a lot more opens.


Why I Eat My Biggest Meal At Night

(An email from when I was in the fitness niche. It made people want to open it to find out the reason why I ate my biggest meal at night. Especially because most people believe you shouldn’t eat anything before bed.)

What I Said In 30 Seconds That Made Me £3,000… And Counting

(This email was about how I made £3,000 (and counting) off of a 30 second speech at a networking event I went to as a guest.)

With curiosity subject lines, opening with a “what”, “when”, “where” or “why” is often a good idea. These 4 words automatically arouse curiosity in people.

2) The “Question” Subject Line

What is it about the “question” type of subject that makes people open it?

Well, the same reason why YOU’RE so eagerly reading this line after reading the question I’ve just asked above; you know there’s going to be an answer. And as human beings, we all love to get answers to anything we’re not sure about.

So by asking a question in the subject field, the people you’ve emailed will all be opening it to find out the answer.


What is the best type of subject line to use?

(As you can see, it also links in with the curiosity subject line.)

Are you looking to get into Real Estate?

(If people have even given a slight thought about getting into Real Estate, there’s no chance they’re gonna ignore this subject line.)

You’ve probably noticed that “question” subject lines are just statements rephrased as questions. But it creates more curiosity for the reader, meaning they’ll be more likely to read your email.

3) The “Benefit” Headline

Whilst creating original, mysterious and intriguing headlines are great for increasing your open rates, sometimes you just can’t beat telling the reader straight-up what they’ll gain from reading your email.


How To Save Money When Eating Healthy

(Again, another example of when I was in the fitness industry. The great thing about this subject line is that it already overcomes one common objection people used to use when I was selling my weight loss program – that healthy food is “too expensive”. Using this technique in your own industry, no matter what it is, can work wonders.)

What To Look Out For When Buying A Used Car

(Self-explanatory really. If you’re a used car salesman, for example, this would help people not to make poor buying decisions which could cost them thousands in repairs further down the road. Also, because you’re warning them of what to potentially look out for that could be a big “no-no” when buying, they’ll automatically presume your cars are great. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be telling them this info, right? Again, you can apply this to absolutely any industry in the world.)

“How to”, “What to” and “When to” are all good openings to use for “benefit” subject lines. In the actual email, make sure you then go on to explain what the benefit is.

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