3 Key Factors In Writing An SEO Optimized Article


SEO optimized articles are articles that fulfill search engine criteria and allow you to place your article at the top positions in search engines when people search for content related to your article.

However, many people are caught up by SEO, confused by how SEO really works, and always wonder why they have a hard-time getting their content ranked and getting read by people online. Here, I’m going to teach you what are the 3 key factors in writing an SEO optimized article

1. Research Your Keyword

Use can do your keyword research using tools like Google Keyword Tool to find keywords on the topic you wan to write about. Then, pick out keywords that are in high demand and being searched by people online. These are keywords that people are going to type when they are searching for information online.

Do not pick keywords which are low in searches as this will make your article less likely searched on the search engines.

2. Create A Headline With Your Keyword

Next, you got to create a headline for your article that will at the same time attract the attention of people who are searching for information, and also being crawled by search engine spiders. To do that, insert your keyword into your title when you are writing it. This will help search engines to find you, and people will want to click on your content as they know that you are giving what they are searching for.

3. Plan Out Your Content

Now, you have to start writing your content! To have an SEO effect in your article, you are going to weave your keywords in your content, without spoiling the content of your article. Many people make a mistake of inserting keywords into sentences for the sake of using the keywords. As a results, the sentence appears funny and the message is distorted.

Use keywords sparingly and do not fill your article full of keywords. The recommended density of keywords you should have is about 2%. This means that you only use 2 keywords in a passage of 100 words. This will give you enough SEO factors, and at the same time, makes your article more readable.

A final point to note is that always remember to focus on writing to your target audience, which means the human beings who are reading your articles, and not focusing on the search engine spiders. This is because ultimately, human beings are the ones who are going to receive your content and share your content if they find it valuable.

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