3 Great Ways to Build A Viral List


One of the most effective ways to build a list and build it fast is by going viral. Essentially what going viral means is that you will establish a system where people continue to share your information or website with their friends and those friends share the information with their friends. What happens is that the information spreads like wildfire. There are a few ways that you can implement the viral effect for your website. I’m going to break down 3 of the ways you can go viral today.

StumbleUpon ads

These ads cost but you can get a great number of visitors to your squeeze page just by using it. This will be best used with a squeeze page. My advice would be to test your squeeze page for effectiveness before submitting it to StumbleUpon. Once you know that your squeeze page is effective then you can run a StumbleUpon ad and have 1000 targeted visitors sent to your website. If the users on StumbleUpon leave a rating for your squeeze page or website then this will boost your rankings in StumbleUpon and place your website in the constant rotation of StumbleUpon. Once in the rotation your site will be shown to the more than 20 million users. One fact is that StumbleUpon pages can receive as much as a million views a year.

StumbleUpon ads

· Fairly low cost

· Require a little set up work

· Could catapult your viral list

Go Promo It

This is a relatively new website. The way Go Promo It works is that you can offer discounts for certain products but you require people to post a special message on twitter or FaceBook before they can receive a discount. It’s a pretty remarkable system. So a user comes to your website and wants a certain product. There is a GoPromoit badge next to the product that says 50% off. The customer clicks the badge which takes them to their Facebook or Twitter page and they leave a post which says “I saved 50% on Product X” through Go Promo It. There will be a link back to your page that anyone who comes across that customer’s Facebook or Twitter page can see and link back to your website. This works well for products but can possibly be implemented for your squeeze page. You will just have to make your information downloadable with a coupon code because each user is given a coupon code once they post to their social network profile.

Go Promo It benefits

· Uses Facebook and Twitter posts

· Gets lots of eyes and back links to your site

Using a Viral script

My favorite way of going viral is by finding a “Viral Script”. There are several viral scripts on the internet today. What a viral script does is require users to share information before they can receive information or a discount on a product.

Benefits of Viral List

· Lots of traffic

· Compound traffic

· Use friends to get more friends

An example of this would be that I am giving away an awesome free eBook but before I will grant a user access to the book they must refer the book to 5 of their friends. One great way to do this is to sell a product for a certain amount. Let’s say we have an eBook that we are selling for $20, but if a user refers 5 of their friends we will offer that eBook for Free or at a significant discount. One such Script is Viral Friend Dominator. Follow the links at the bottom to see the script in action and learn how you can implement this strategy.

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