3 Core Elements Of A Successful Email Marketing Campaigns


Do you know the benefits of having your own email newsletter? It’s something that is absolutely essential if you want to maximize your sales and profits. The elements of a good email campaign are obvious, but if they’re not clear to you, I want to show you some of the elements that will make your campaign a success. Here’s the elements of a good email marketing campaign:

1) You get more traffic

If you have a list of 10,000 email subscribers, you’re virtually guaranteed to get traffic to your website on a daily basis. You will get traffic, and you will get sales. If right now you have a list of only 100 or more subscribers, you may be wondering why you aren’t seeing the sales that you’d hoped for. But you need to understand something.

I’ve gotten sales with lists of only 20 people. Some months your conversion rates will be high, and some months your conversion rates will be low. So some months you may get 3 sales for every 100 new subscribers, and some months you may get 3 sales for every 300 new subscribers. It’s just a numbers deal. Here’s another email marketing element:

2) Give solid information

You have to make your content good. Don’t send out cloaked sales letters to your list because they will get tired of it, and will unsubscribe immediately. But as soon as you provide good content, people will email you and ask you for help on whatever you’re sending them emails for.

Always strive to provide high quality information to your list. It’s a representation of what they will receive when they buy your product. And if your email content isn’t good, your subscribers will think that your product isn’t any good either. So make your content good, and make sure that it’s very beneficial. Here’s another element of good email marketing:

3) Get your emails opened

You could write the best email in the world, but if it doesn’t get opened, it’s wasted. That’s why a good email subject line is pivotal because if your subscribers don’t click on it, you’re wasting a ton of time per email that you create. If you don’t know how to write a good email subject line that gets opened, maybe you should learn how to do copywriting.

Subscribe to people’s email newsletter and analyze the email subject lines that come through. You want to use these as models when you create your own subject lines. Along with that, pick up a good copywriting book, and learn how to write mini headlines. Your email subject line is nothing but a mini headline, and it needs to be enticing.

Use these 3 tips to create an email marketing campaign that is very effective, and that makes you a lot of money. Just continue to focus on your goals, and implement email marketing into your business. As soon as you do, you will realize that this is something that you should have been doing a long time ago. So get started on it right away.

Good luck with using these tips to maximize your business sales and profits today.

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