3 Awesome Steps to Profit From Building Your Email List


If you are starting out with internet marketing then you need to have an email list. Let me say that again, if you are starting out in internet marketing then your number 1 goal needs to be building an email list. If you are someone who has a website that sells anything then you need to build an email list. Its importance is huge. The basics of it are that when someone visits your website they will not automatically make a purchase from you. Only 1-2% of people make a purchase after their first visit. That is only 2 people out of 100. So you need to have an email campaign in place to keep in contact with the other 98 people who visit your site.

Entice the visitor when building your list

Whats important when building your list is that you put an opt-in form on your website that makes customers want to sign up to be a part of your email list. For one of my niche sites I was selling music. What I did was offered 3 free songs to anyone who signed up for my newsletter and people signed up by the ton. I have also seen people use free eBooks or email courses to get people to sign up for their newsletter. Whatever method you choose, you just have to make sure it’s something that people want and that it’s related to your niche. If you have a niche selling hunting gear and you try to give away a golf eBook then it’s not going to be very effective. You may laugh at that last sentence but I have seen it done before. Put some thought and research into what you will give away when building your list and it will pay off later.

Build a great relationship

Now that you have the visitor on your mailing list you will want to start building a relationship with them. When building your list, remember that a relationship will translate to sales. You will want to send them email messages that connect with them and let them know that you are an authority in this particular niche and that you want to offer them good solid advice or give them tips that will help them. One thing that I did for one of my health supplement niches was to send out lifestyle tips that my subscribers could use in their daily lives to help them with a particular problem. For example, making your bed in the morning is a simple tip you can use if you have trouble going to bed at night. You see, this is simple but valuable at the same time and it prompts the person to take action. Let’s say that one of your readers uses this tip and has a good experience with it. Now you have established yourself as an authority in their mind and they will start to trust you. This makes them more likely to buy from you and possibly tell others about you which helps when building your list.

Ask for the sale

After you have enticed your website visitor to become a part of your email list and you send them several email messages that offer them different value, then you will be able to ask for the sale. This is the final step and if the other 2 steps are done with thought and care then this one will be a winner. A study has shown that it takes about 7-8 follow up messages to build the trust needed for someone to make a purchase. So after you have crafted your first 6-7 email messages you will want to be ready to offer the customer your product. This email should spell out the benefits the customer would enjoy from your product and tell them what it can do for them. Once you spell out the benefits, you should entice them again by offering the product at a discount just for the customer being a part of your email list. This is a simple strategy but very effective. If you want to sell a product for $30 then mark it at $60 with a 50% discount exclusively to your subscribers so that it sells for $30. This creates more value. Remember that value is a huge part of the equation when building your list.

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