2 Tips For Making Email Marketing Work For You


When it comes to email marketing, you never know which part of your campaign is ineffective unless you test and tweak your campaigns everyday. This is something that I have no interest in… it’s like trying to figure out the “SEO code”. I simply add messages, let my emails sell, and then profit. But all of this works because I get a nice bunch of traffic everyday to my website.

If you’re currently doing email marketing with little-to-no effectiveness, then it’s time to change what you are doing to close a prospect on buying your product or service. How can you do this? Well it’s simple, and it’s one of the things that I will discuss here in today’s lesson. Let’s take a look at the first thing that you will want to do if you want to make email marketing work for you:

1) Have a good email subject line

This is very important. If no one opens up your emails, how will you earn money? Now coming up with a good email subject line doesn’t require a lot of copywriting talent. It’s just a one-liner, not a full page ad. So you could probably write an effective headline without producing much thought or effort.

It’s similar to writing a classified ad. You don’t need a ton of copywriting skills to write an effective classified ad. Similarly, the only thing that you need to write a good email subject line is “mystery”. You want to get your prospects so curious that they will open up your email just to figure out what the “mystery” element is all about.

Here’s something else that you will want to do if you want to have email marketing success:

2) Keep your emails short

Don’t write long, term papers as your email. Most people will skim over long emails, and if your website link lies at the very end of your email, they probably won’t click on it due to the fact that they’re not even reading your email. For best results (and I have tested this)… stick with a short email.

Make your email around 250 words long, and entice them just enough that it will lead them to visit your website almost every time you email them. Now you may be thinking that 250 words is such a short email, but you should know that people would rather read all of a 250 word email, as opposed to a 500 word email. You will see when you implement this in your business.

These 2 tips for email marketing profits are pivotal to your success. The more you test and tweak your email campaign for the most effectiveness, the more you will see higher conversion rates from the subscribers that you have.

If you don’t learn anything from me from this lesson, just keep your emails short, and then include your website link at the end of the email. With this approach, you know you’re giving them about 2 minutes to read your email, and that you will have a higher chance of them clicking through to your website. Trust me, I would know.

Take these 2 tips and use them to make your email marketing efforts pay off.

Good luck with using these tips to earn more money today in your business.

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