2 Tips For Making Email Marketing Very Profitable In Your Business


To own an opt-in email newsletter has always been a dream of mine. And I’m not talking about a regular and typical newsletter… I’m talking about a newsletter that has over 100,000 people on it strong, buying from me everyday. Imagine if I had a list of 100,000. If everyday only 5% of this list bought from me everyday… I would get 5,000 sales each and everyday.

Could process 5,000 sales everyday? This is more sales than what most people online make in their entire internet marketing career – and these people have been online for decades! List building and email marketing is powerful, and in today’s lesson, I want to go over a few good tips for making your opt-in email marketing a success. Here’s the first tip:

1) Don’t buy an email list

Email lists are poor. They are a poor way to market online, and they do nothing for your business. It’s basically a waste of money. Plus, adding them one-by-one into an email autoresponder will prove to be unproductive – especially for an email service like “Aweber”. For every lead you import, they would have to re-confirm that they want to be on your list. This alone is a hassle for many people.

Also, I haven’t even talked about the conversion rates of these kinds of lists. If you want to make yourself look good by buying 300,000 leads… then have fun. But you won’t make any money. If you buy a poor list, you will get a poor list. This isn’t like buying a list from the SRDS in direct mail. This is different.

First of all, these people have no idea of who you are. So you have to start with that. And then they will want to know how you got their email address in the first place. And then finally, they will unsubscribe instantly, or mark your emails as spam – and this is something that you don’t want.

Here’s another tip for email marketing:

2) Make your content good.

Without good content, people won’t stay on your list for long. And if you’re one of those email marketers who like to make every email a sales pitch, you won’t be getting any sales anytime soon. You might get lucky and have someone buy immediately after they subscribe to your list, but other than that… the bulk of your email members will see you as a pest, and your unsubscribe rate will be incredibly high.

Always lead with good content. It’s the best thing that you have in your favor. With good content, you can’t go wrong. Teach your prospects things, take care of them, and they will take care of you. Be sure to give them some of your best stuff, and make it related to what you are trying to sell them.

Email about every 3 to 7 days (depending on your niche), and you will see good things happen. Just don’t email everyday. People hate this – so give them some time to “miss you”, but not too much time where they forget about you completely.

Good luck with your email marketing efforts.

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