2 Step Process to Increase Your Email Open Rate!


As an email marketer, you are keen to pinpoint the “magic moment” when your recipient is most responsive to your email and ready to buy.

At that magic moment, your recipient is sitting checking emails, yet not too distracted by important correspondence. So he or she will open your email and then click on the links to start shopping… and earning you money.

It is tricky to figure out when exactly the “magic moment” will occur, particularly as all your subscribers will have different work habits and different emailing routines. If your email consistently hits the inbox within a flood of important work emails, it will be overlooked or deleted. No sale. If your email arrives when the recipient is not even at the computer, again it will be overlooked or ignored.

Some email marketers rely on good luck rather than good judgment, sending the email out at a certain time and hoping for the best. You might feel your job is done when you’ve sent the email, even if you only achieve a small percentage of responses in return. But the real job is attracting a positive response to your email.

You don’t need to be mystified by the browsing or shopping habits of your subscribers. They will tell you themselves exactly when they are most likely to view your website and when they are most likely to purchase items.

The following two-step system helps you track your readers so you can pinpoint the best time to catch their attention and profit from their purchases. Your emails will achieve a higher response, leading to higher sales and more money for you.

Step 1: Check your traffic logs

The first step is to establish when your subscribers are most inclined to “window shop” at your website.

Your traffic logs can tell you everything you need to know about your subscribers’ online habits. You will learn the most popular time of day for viewing your website, and the most common time of day for subscribing to your website. If these time-frames reveal a pattern, such as a specific block of time or a particular day, you have a clearer idea when you will achieve a stronger response to your email.

For example, if you discover a peak in traffic around 9pm each day, you can time your email for slightly earlier. You know your audience is drawn to your website at this particular time, so why not encourage them to view the website through your emailed link?

If your website attracts a global audience, you might initially find it difficult to identify any clear traffic patterns. Remember, not all your viewers are on the same time as you. When you divide the traffic log times into regions, the pattern might become clearer. That mysterious peak of traffic at 2am is not so puzzling when you see it coincides with lunch time in London. From here you can divide your subscriber list by region, assess the peak time for that region and send your email at the optimum time.

Step 2: Monitor your results

The second step is to work out exactly when your subscribers are most responsive to online purchasing. When do they like to spend their money? A subscriber’s viewing habits don’t necessarily correspond with their purchasing habits. While subscribers might enjoy browsing through the website on their lunch break, they might also prefer to make their purchases later in the day, perhaps after dinner. If you can establish when your subscribers are spending their money, you can time the most important email of all – the one that receives a positive response.

To work out the best response time, try splitting your email list into sections and then send each list out at a different time. Which list received the best response rate? You might find a few patterns emerge, so you could establish different lists for specific times of the day optimizing your chances of sales by emailing each subscriber at the exact time they are most likely to make a purchase.

So let your subscribers reveal the “magic moment” of optimum sales. By monitoring their online viewing and purchasing habits, you can pinpoint the “magic moment” and increase your profits accordingly.

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