2 Reasons You Should Offer Freebies To Build Your Email List


How do you do your list building? Are you someone who likes to offer something for free? Or do you prefer starting off with a low priced product (to qualify your customers) and then sell them higher priced items? Both models are good models to go by, but for me personally, I like offering something for free.

To me, I think it helps to create a better customer in the long run. They can come to your site, receive your freebie, and then put your credibility on the good or bad side (hopefully it’s good). And then after you have the subscriber, you can market to them over and over again – with the possibility of getting sales, boosting response rates, and getting more backend and repeat customers.

In today’s lesson, I want to go over a few reasons why you should consider going with the freebie model when it comes time to market to the people who visit your website. I stick with the freebie model because it’s proven to work, and it’s fast. And I’m not kidding here.

You can see leads and new subscribers (and possibly new customers) sign up literally overnight – if you do some paid advertising. And this is something that definitely boosts your enthusiasm and confidence in what you are doing. Here’s the first reason you should stick with the freebie model:

1) It shows who’s interested

If you just lead someone to your product’s sales page, you have no idea of who’s interested and who’s not. Something worse than this is that some freebie offers do very poorly. You could have up a lead capture page, and maybe only 2% of people sign up for it. So if you can’t sell a free offer, how are you going to expect someone to buy your product?

You should stick with this model because you’re putting people into a SYSTEM that works very reliably. The more leads you get, the more sales you will make, and eventually you will have a full-blown business that is generating more sales than you could have ever thought possible. Here’s another reason you should stick with the freebie model:

2) It’s predictable

If you managed one day to have over 20,000 subscribers to your email newsletter, I’m confident that you would get a tremendous amount of sales each and everyday. If you took the latter route and just led someone straight to your sales page… there’s no reliable tracking system in place to maximize the potential profit that you could make. Plus there’s no way in telling how much traffic you would get on a recurring basis.

But with a large email list, you predict your sales. Plus (hypothetically) with over 20,000 subscribers, there’s a good chance that you could be getting thousands of hits to your sales page each and everyday. I’ll let you do the math on that one. Just know that it would equal up to a lot of sales each day.

Email marketing is awesome, and using the freebie model is something that you will definitely want to do.

Good luck with your email marketing efforts today.

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