2 Reasons Why You Should Be Tracking Email Open Rates And Split Testing For Optimal Results!


Are you tracking your email open rates?

Tracking email open rates should be a top priority in any email marketing campaign(s).

Driving targeted and qualified traffic will mean the difference in building a hyper responsive list of rabid buyers or a list of dead leads who rarely open your emails!

This one piece of analytical data alone can tell you at a glance how responsive your lists are to the emails you have forwarded to them.

Here’s two reasons why you should be tracking email open rates:

Firstly, the results obtained from tracking your open email rates will give a percentage as to how many subscribers on average opened your emails. This is a direct indication as to the responsiveness of your list.

Building a responsive list is key.

The more people who actually open and read your emails, means they will see your links to your offers or promotions.

If you are building various lists within sub niches then you can track your email lists and compare the results to see which of your lists is producing the best results for you.

Secondly, tracking email open rates can also be used for split testing. In this case you would create two identical follow-up sequences for your auto-responder campaign.

So for example, you could use one of your main traffic sources and funnel the subscribers into list 1.

Then you could take another traffic source and funnel the other subscribers into list 2.

Assuming the lists are configured exactly the same, you will now be able to analyze which traffic sources are bringing you the most responsive subscribers by which list has the best open rate and click through rate when you send your emails.

You can also create segments in your list campaigns to filter the subscribers who don’t open your emails after a certain period of time.

I routinely create a segment every two months and remove the subscribers who haven’t opened my emails throughout that period.

This is a key component to building a solid foundation for your online business.

Don’t get caught up in the mindset of “I need to drive more traffic, to make more sales!”

Dig deeper into your sales funnel before going wider!

Sometimes it’s easier to work with a model or sales funnel you already have and tweak it for optimum conversion rates than it is to drive lots more traffic to your site.

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