2 Keys For Having Success With Email Marketing


Want to boost your conversion rates from all of the traffic that you are getting? Then you will want to utilize email marketing into the mix. Email marketing is an excellent strategy for boosting your sales and profits, and is something that is at the cornerstone of general internet marketing.

If you’re brand new to email marketing, I want to share with you a few of what you can do to get sales with email marketing, how to boost your conversion rates, and finally start getting sales on a recurring basis. It’s something that is very important. Here’s the first tip for having success with email marketing:

1) Find a good autoresponder service

An “autoresponder” is an application, program, or service that automatically emails your subscribers messages that you create – and send on a regular basis. From all of my toils online, I’ve found that there are 2 services that are really good. One is called “Aweber”, and the other is called “Getresponder”.

Both of these services are inexpensive, so if you want a great autoresponder service, use one of these two. When picking your autoresponder, you have to make sure that you’re not skimping on quality over the sake of a few dollars. Don’t try and use a free autoresponder as the sole way to promote content and information to your subscribers.

Free autoresponders will include ads at the top, bottom, or at both places in every email that you send out. This isn’t the way to run a business, and it’s something that you will want to be skeptical about. Stick with proven winners, and you will be good to go. Here’s another tip for having success with email marketing:

2) Add emails everyday

As long as you have your email autoresponder, you will want to continually add messages to your “queue” just in case a subscriber comes along, reads your content, and decides to buy your product. Me personally, I like to email my subscribers for 1 whole year before I give up on them.

I don’t email everyday… I email to my main list every 3 days, so to do the math… that’s about 120 messages in my autoresponder system. It’s something that is very important because not everyone who subscribers to your email newsletter wants to buy something right now.

But a few months from now, they may be looking to buy something that you have – because they have a problem, or have a goal that they want to achieve. So stick with your subscribers for the long haul, so that you can maximize your email response rates – and you will want to do the same for your buyer’s list.

Take these 2 email marketing techniques and apply them to your online business today. If you’re a newbie to internet marketing and email marketing, then you will definitely want to get started with this right away. Aweber and Getresponse aren’t expensive, and as long as you have content to share, make sure you promote it through one of these 2 services.

Good luck with your email marketing efforts.

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