2 Golden Nuggets Taught To Me By A Email Marketing Expert Who Clears $100k Monthly


I study under a well-known Internet marketing success story whose specialty is creating momentum through using his auto responder. If you’ve been online marketing for some time then you know that it is incredibly important for you to start building an email list the second that you start marketing. You’ve probably heard the same phrase thrown around by many marketers, which is, “The money is in the list.”

The reason why an auto responder is so incredibly important is because it allows you to build trust with the visitors that come to your page who were not willing to buy something right at that moment. You collect their email to keep communication with that visitor. In this article you will learn a few golden nugget given to me by an auto responder expert I learn from who clears $100,000 a month.

The first golden nugget that this well-known marketer revealed was to e-mail twice a day. Many people might shriek at reading that. There is sound reasoning behind why he tells his students to e-mail twice a day. If you have valuable content to give away and valuable content to sell it is best that you make sure you’re talking to interested people.

The quickest way to see if somebody is interested is to consistently give them updates with valuable training and valuable products offers. If they are interested they will continuously click through and be more engaged with your marketing than almost any other marketers sending out auto responder messages. By sending twice a day it will separate you from the rest of marketers who do not do this.

The second golden nugget given to me was to include stories inside of your e-mails. In order for you to truly get somebody engaged it is best to become very human to that person. People don’t really relate with facts. Facts are quickly forgotten. What people identify most with is stories. You might not remember anything from your high school education but you do remember stories.

Including stories blended into your e-mails with powerful marketing messages will skyrocket your open rate and allow you to connect at a deeper level with your prospects. Use these two tips to keep helping you improve your open rates and your click through rates for your auto responder marketing. You will have people un-subscribing from your list because two e-mails might seem like too much to them.

You are actually eliminating people who most likely would have never been interested in what your marketing. The people who were mildly interested will be more enticed with the extreme value that you’re providing in your two e-mails a day. Those two nuggets have been the backbone of how this well-known successful marketer has achieved most of his success. Follow a proven basic model.

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