2 Email Marketing Factors That You Should Take Notice Of


Email marketing is a crucial part of your online business’s success. Without email marketing, you can’t follow up on leads who may have thought about buying from you, you can’t follow up on customers who have bought from you, and your backend income will be virtually zero. Email marketing is utterly important.

Now there are a lot of factors that goes into a good email marketing campaign. And in today’s lesson, I want to go over a few of those factors so that you can be ready to get more sales, and build your customer list up so that you can have backend revenue that will make up 80% of your total business profits. Here’s the first factor to consider when doing email marketing:

1) Choosing an autoresponder

Now you definitely don’t want to sit at your desk and manually send out hundreds or even thousands of emails to the people on your email list. So to automate this, you will need something called an “autoresponder”. An autoresponder sounds exactly like it is. It’s simply a program that sends out timely emails to your subscribers or customers – how ever often you specify that you want your email to be sent.

There are many autoresponder services out there. I personally use Aweber. I’m most familiar with their interface, and it’s very newbie friendly. But there’s other autoresponders out there… you just have to pick the one that is best for you. Here’s another element of a successful email marketing campaign.

2) A good subject line

A good email subject line is key. If your subject line doesn’t entice someone to click on your article, what good is it? It’s like creating an email that nobody will ever read or open. So you’re wasting your time if your email subject lines aren’t effective!

Now admittedly, I understand that you may not be the best person in the world when it comes to writing good email subject lines. In fact, writing good email subject lines is a bit of a copywriting job. And if you don’t know anything about copywriting, I suggest you start learning about it right away.

There’s something called a “swipe file” – which is basically a collection of proven and winning ads and sales letters. You can take the headlines from these proven marketing pieces, and craft them into short email subject lines that will more than likely increase your open rate, and increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your website link inside of your email.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be tough. Build yourself up a large email list, and you will soon start to profit from your subscribers in a short period of time. And if you already have a customer database, you will want to email them periodically also so that you can earn more sales from them. This is where 80% of your total business revenue will come from, so you can’t neglect this aspect of your marketing.

Good luck with using email marketing in your online business today. The sooner you jump on it, the sooner you’ll start seeing positive results.

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