2 Crucial Ways to Improve Newsletter Results


For B2B companies, getting better results from content marketing is an ongoing effort. At Proven Systems, we frequently field questions from clients about their email newsletters:

  • How can I get more readers to interact with my newsletter?
  • How can I increase the number of qualified leads I get from my company newsletter?
  • What are the best ways to drive more traffic to our corporate website?

There are two foundational ways to increase results for email newsletters: through technology and through content and design.


Sending B2B emails can be tricky if you aren’t aware of the many pitfalls that may crop up to keep your email from being read by as many people as possible. At Proven Systems, we have a team of four deliverability experts that constantly monitor, identify, and solve any issues that keep email from going to inboxes.

Designers may think that putting together an email newsletter is like designing a website, and that is simply not the case. We’ve instituted new testing solutions – both for the newsletter and for email lists – to ensure that our clients’ newsletters arrive in the correct destination: readers’ inboxes. We’ve learned the tricks to get newsletters through the gatekeeping servers and software.

Adding complexity to deliverability issues is the fact that this is not a static project. You don’t fix it once and forget it; deliverability woes can crop up at any time, and they demand constant vigilance.

Content and design

Getting the email newsletters in front of people is paramount in driving results. But we also need to provide persuasive, actionable content. One of the most common issues marketers have with content marketing, besides improving results, is producing high-quality content.

In his blog, Graham Jones points to “efficacious content” as the No. 1 problem with B2B content marketing. It’s difficult to produce enough content, let alone making it top-notch, inviting content that inspires readers to interact with your company. This level of content production requires time, skill, and experience. Some think that simply producing keyword-rich articles is successful content marketing. SEO and content marketing are not the same thing!

In 2013, people expect to see more results for their content marketing efforts. The time has come to prove demonstrable effects of the articles, email newsletters, social media posts, and blog write-ups. The landscape of email newsletters changes frequently, and it’s crucial for your campaign’s success to keep up with the technology and craft attractive, actionable content. Proven Systems can help you do just that.

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