15 Creative Tips On How To Influence Your Prospects


I was listening to a training the other day by Mia Davis. The training was all about connecting and influencing your prospects. There was lots of valuable information in her training, I just had to share with you some of what I learned.

Here’s What I Learnt

1. One of the biggest mistakes that most network marketers make is to launch straight into trying to sell to their prospects.

2. They set up a autoresponse emails to sell to their prospects instead of trying to connect to the prospects.

3. One of the most important things then you need to do is build rapport with your list. If this is done correctly you can have people on your list from many many years.

4. Many of the top Internet marketers are now seeing the results of connecting with their prospects via their mailing list. Instead of selling to them.

5. Make it personal, so that they get to know you as a person, invite them to respond and interact with you.

6. Instead of selling to them straight give possible recommendations of sales of products that you have personally use that you have had results with.

This is more commendable and possibly more acceptable if they are followers of what you are doing online then they are more likely to listen to your recommendations.

7. Let’s face it, no one likes a salesman with an ‘ in your face’, attitude. Stop spamming your list!

8. Get to know the people on your list. Ask personal stuff in the non-personal way. Invite them to link up with you on other social media sites such as Facebook or twitter so they can get a feel for who you are.

9. A lot of people like to interact, and feel comforted to know that there is individual at the end of the mailing list and not a robot.

10. Many people are now weary of the scams that there are online. Many are also fed up of the amount of spam e-mail trying to sell an opportunity or sell a product to them. Most of these end up in the trash or junk mail folders.

11. So to ensure your emails do not end up in the spam folders, make sure that the content is of value, that the information you are providing is relevant for the user and for the list that they have signed up to.

12. You don’t have to talk about marketing every single e-mail that you send out, you can talk about day-to-day life things that happened to you. Connect with your list and give them snippets of your day-to-day life, they will love you for it, they will get to know you personally online and off-line.

This is what makes people stay with your list and not unsubscribe to your list.

13. Make sure you don’t send out too many e-mails too often. This is another area that can let some marketers down.

14. Add photographs wherever possible to give a more pictorial view of your lifestyle, people like pictures that they can associate with or even dream off the same lifestyle and existence that you are currently living.

15. E-mails don’t have to be lengthy, you can refer to a previous blog posting as a link to your e-mail ensuring that it is relevant of course. This is a great way to recycle your content that you have already created.

Now this is something that I have been doing within my business for the last four months very successfully and am seeing great results. If you truly connect with your list, then you build trust.
Building trust is important if you want your credibility to spread amongst friends and friends of friends on your list. Just like the offline world, ‘word of mouth’ online is a powerful tool.
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